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Q I've been dealing with a major infestation of clover in my lawn for years and it seems to be getting worse, what is the best way to kill clover from my lawn? Read more...
Q I've been told that I can reduce weeds in my lawn if I mow my lawn more often. Is this true, and if so, how does this work? Read more...
Q My lawn has developed several large brown patches about the size of a dinner plate. The circles on my lawn look brown and dead inside. Read more...
Q Just wondering when the best time to water my lawn is? I've heard night time is best because less water is evaporated by the sun is this true? Read more...
Q I have a large Amber tree which throws a lot of shade onto one section of my Couch lawn, and the lawn is struggling and dying in this area, what should I do? Read more...
Q How often I should be watering my lawn, and how much water should I be applying to the lawn when it does get watered? Read more...
Q I'm researching the different lawn varieties and seem to be leaning toward Couch for my new lawn. Is Couch a good lawn type, and what are the disadvantage i should be aware of? Read more...
Q I've been considering switching over to using a slow release lawn fertiliser, mainly so I don't need to worry about fertilising as often. Are there any benefits to using a slow release fertiliser over traditional lawn fertilisers? Read more...

Our Favourite Lawn Products

Empire is simply the most suitable, most easy care, lowest maintenance premium lawn turf which should be the first choice option when considering a new lawn for WA homes.

Palmetto is the proven highest quality, premium, soft leaf buffalo being sold in Australia today, low maintenance means less mowing, less seeding, and beautiful dark green colour.

Sapphire is the proven best shade tolerant premium soft buffalo in Australia, with low maintenance, low seeding, and a beautiful fine leaf and slight blue hue, the Aussie bred Sapphire is a big hit in Australia and the USA

Baileys WA made fertilisers are the only fertilisers we recommend to our clients. Baileys fertilisers are of the highest quality for WA lawn conditions, and we recommend the use of Baileys 3.1.1. for fertilising lawns in the warmer growing season, and Baileys 4.1.1. for pre-winter and winter fertilising.

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